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  • Be a webcam model – LiveJasmin


    • LiveJasmin is the biggest adult webcam site in the world, online since 2001.
    • The site has the highest number of viewers so you surely will not be bored when you are online, you will have a lot of traffic in your room from all over the world
    • Earn money from the comfort of your own home, even as a full-time job!
    • You are allowed to remain anonymous (unseen) in countries or states that you choose.
    • Superb, TV-like video quality that will boost your popularity.
    • You decide when you want to work, no fixed schedule!
    • Jasmin accepts girls, guys (gay or straight), shemales, and couples
    • Nude and non-nude categories (Hot-flirt, Soul mates) are available also
    • Country and state banning option: you can block your webcam and profile from unwanted visitors. So if you don’t want anyone in your state or country to see you on your webcam, you can simply block them by IP address in your profile settings page.
    • Payment every two weeks.
    • Choose “Free Chat” to generate bigger traffic or “Member Chat” if you are only interested in talking to paying members. The choice is yours.
    • Easy registration, your account will be accepted in 24 hours.
    • Live Support available 24 hours a day, where you can get answers to any question you have
    • Detailed WIKI (FAQ) site where you can find a lot of great descriptions and information: http://wiki.livejasmin.com/


  • LiveJasmin


    jasmin who is online

    LiveJasmin is definitely the biggest live adult chat community in the world by today.

    Why LiveJasmin is the biggest and most popular live adult webcam site in the world?

    • LiveJasmin has paid serious amount of money on marketing, advertising the site, purchasing traffic since 2001, the born year of the site (according to Alexa Rank LiveJasmin was the most visited adult webcam site in the world in 2010).
    • The site has a strong reason for the significant marketing since a perfect service needs to be advertised to get as many Visitors as possible to enjoy the outstanding content the team works on. LiveJasmin.com also has used some non-average marketing tools, for example Flo Rida’ s “Hey Jasmin” song advertised LiveJasmin.com, the most popular adult site in June, 2012, check out the video here
    • A professional team works on the development on LiveJasmin to provide the best quality service among all the live adult webcam sites. The site has an eye-catching and awesome design that has been renewed recently. The redesigning was a necessary improvement to let the high-quality Model camera feeds and images be perfectly visible. Of course the innovations was basically needed since staying compatible among the best live adult webcam sites is a basic target of LiveJasmin.
    • Models have the best HD camera feed qualities among all the webcam sites. There are servers all around the world meaning that no matter where you are on Earth you will be able to access the site and enjoy the flawless model camera streams.
    • Professional and outstanding Online Support. It is true that some webcam sites has live support also, although based on my experiences LiveJasmin Support is the best one. No matter what issue you have the support staff will do their best to help you. Not mentioning the credit compensation policy, meaning that if you are not satisfied with a private show then feel free to let them know and if the complaint is grounded they will do the necessary credit compensation for you.
    • Visitor statuses on LiveJasmin:
      • Guest: without a Member account registration you can also access the webcam Models’ free chat room, although a pop-up windows will always notify you that you should register to be able to enjoy the site benefits completely. The free chat room also will close from time to time. This is not for forcing you to buy credits but for having at least a unique Member nick name. Models will much more easily identify you that way so feel free to register a free member account, no credit card or email verification is needed!
      • Free Member account: if you have gone through the member account registration process then you can enjoy unlimited Free chat time and no more pop-up message or free chat closing will interrupt you from the conversation with the Models.
      • Member account: buy credits at least once and then you can enjoy all the benefits from the membership status
    • Variety of chat services on LiveJasmin:
      • Free chat: available for everybody even if you are a guest. There are tons of visitors in the model’s room where you can chat with Models. Register at least a free Member account since performers prefer to talk to the members who have a specific member nick.
      • Member chat: Performers can switch the chat to members only mode. This time the Model’s camera feed is hidden and only members may chat. Performers use this mode either to allow only members to chat with them or they have a Private show on an other site and they need to hide their live camera feeds to avoid providing sexually explicit show sin Free chat on LiveJasmin.
      • Private chat: you need to buy credits to be able to take the Performer to Private chat. If the Performer is in free chat and enter to private then the Model’s camera feed is not visible for the free chat visitors any more and you can feel free to ask the performer the desired performance.
      • Private chat with Two-way audio: this type of Private show usually costs more than an average private since you can use your microphone to have a live audio chat with the Model. If the Performer has the ’Private chat with Two-way audio’ option available then you can be sure that the Performer can talk to you via microphone in Private.
      • Group Private = LiveJasmin TV: This type of webcam shows usually cost much less than a normal private. A certain number of members need to attend the Model’s Group Private to start the Group show. You will be able to communicate with icons giving directions to the model what actions to provide.