Set tags on your profile

Tags are everywhere today, they are part of our daily life. Tags make the internet more organized, as they are part of any posts made on social networks. Tags are great, because they are flexible and let you choose from existing tags or make up your own. Trending tags show, what other people are looking for and what subjects they are interested in.

This is exactly why we updated our legacy categories and replaced them with tags. You can choose from hundreds of existing ones: just start typing and recommendations will pop up. If you did not find that ones you like or want to add something special, you can set your own tags. These tags will appear on your SoulCams profile page. Viewers can search for these tags and can also browse through all of our tags.

Most of you surely know what tags are and how they work, but for those, who are new to the subject, these are some of the most used tags: #amateur #blonde #ass #boobs #kinky #cam2cam #livecam #fetish and so on. The list is endless, but we recommend that you choose your tags wisely. Don’t list something that is not you (if you are short, don’t add #tall or if you have blonde hair, do not add #brunette). Choose common tag, that are widely used and popular. It’s cool to add #idontlikemondays tag, but chances are, that users will not look for that particular one.

Currently you can add up to 40 different tags in your model account at menu Settings / My profile , which should be sufficient.

Happy tagging! 🙂