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  • Interesting Facts About Webcam Models

    Interesting Facts About Webcam Models

    Who Are the Webcam Girls Really?

    Nowadays you can find any type of webcam girls online from all over the world. You may put up the question for yourself: who are the webcam girls really? We can say there there are two big categories: 1) those who do webcam modeling for making money 2) models who do it for fun only. Of course a lot of Models do it both for a living and fun but it is also true that some Models do not like this job and only the money matters for them. You may easily recognize such Models since they do not smile so much, they are not enthusiastic at all and ask you all the time to come to Private show or to give her a TIP for providing some erotic actions. Based on my experiences the webcam models are usually they:

    • Bored Housewives: there are still couples where the female does not have to work because her husband earn enough or she is at home with a child for example. These women feel themselves useless and bored with the everyday rat race sometimes and come online on adult live webcam sites mostly for fun and not for making money.
    • University / College Girls: studying costs a lot of money, everyone knows that. If you study in higher education you need to pay the tuition fee, the rent, books, food etc. Webcam modeling has always been a good idea to help to cover these fees. In the meantime the Model has a fun time talking with visitors of adult webcam sites. They also can improve their English knowledge and these Models are usually enthusiastic, open-minded, brave and very happy to entertain you.
    • Models searching for their real partners: believe it or not there are girls online to find their partner even on live adult webcam sites. I personally knows a lot of situations in which the Model was online to find her real boyfriend and sooner or later she found it. If you wish to find your girlfriend/partner/wife on a live webcam site then do not hesitate to start it. Listen to your heart and you will recognize the Models who are looking for their partner/boyfriend/husband as well!

    Where do webcam girls work from?

    • Webcam /Videochat Studios

    A lot of Models work in professional webcam studios usually with a help of a typist since they are online on various adult webcam sites in the same time and the Models herself would not be able to type to all the sites or the Models does not speak English well. The typist helps to synchronize the adult sites the Models is online on, if they have a private show on one webcam site the typist needs to switch off the free chat mode on the other ones. Typists also help to direct the camera, to give directions to the Models what the Members would like to see exactly and so on. Yes, this might be a disappointment for you as if you talk to a Model you may not know who you are really talking to. Rest assured, you will easily recognize it. How? The hands of those Models are usually hidden in the camera and they behave like robots. Webcam studios realized that using a typist is not a good way any more, so fortunately there are only a small number of Models by today who still work with a typist. They rather send the Models online on less sites and employ Models who speak English well.

    • Why do Models decide to Work in Webcam Studios?

    Professional videochat studios have the proper technical background: broadband internet connection, powerful PCs, good-quality HD cameras with well-designed backgrounds and rooms. Studios also usually have photographers who make good-quality images of the Models. Studios do all the stuffs instead of the Models like registering them on the live webcam sites, building up and maintaining their Bio page, paying them etc. Most of the models would not be able to have all these conditions at home so they prefer to work in a webcam studio. Many models work only in a studio until they earn enough money to invest in the necessary technical backgrounds and build it up in their home.

    • From Home

    Since techology develops rapidly the necessary technical backgrounds can be set up more easily than 5-10 years ago. A broadband internet connection or a good-quality HD camera is accessible in a reasonable price by today and a lot of Models come online from their home instead of studios. Models prefer working from home since they can set up their own schedules and they can come online when they have time for that. What’s more the private shows are more intimite this way.

    Which countries are the Webcam Girls typically from?

    Webcam Girls are from all over the world, it is a basic fact but it also true that there are typical countries where Models are online from and there are also some countries from where no Webcam girl is online.

    The typical countries where Models are online from:

    • America: Canada, USA, Colombia, Brazil
    • Europe: Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
    • Asia: The Philippines, Thailand
    • Africa: South-Africa

    What to know about the different Model nationalities?

    Since Models are human beings also they have different characteristics that mostly depend on their nationality. Now you will be able to read such characterization that nowhere else. These are made by my ten-years experience in the adult webcam industry. It is good to know what to expect from Models from different nationalities, if you have other ideas, characteristics to share please feel free leave a comment on this post.


    • Romania:

    Based on my estimation about 25% of the Webcam girls of the world are from Romania. How is it that are so many Romanian Webcam Girls online? First of all webcam modeling as a job has been legalised by the Romanian governement for some years. It is also a fact that unfortunately the unemployment rate is very high in the country and the jobs are also mostly underpaid. When the first adult webcam sites were born aboout 10-12 years ago a lot of Romanians thought the adult webcam industry to be a gainful business and numerous webcam/videochat studios were born. There are still thousands of webcam studios by today, the webcam studio industry is still a significant business in the country. There is a strong connection between the participants of the adult webcam industry, webcam studio owners, Models, affiliates share their experiences, ideas, suggestions among each other through very popular forum sites for example like: http://www.adultwebcamstars.com/ or http://www.adultvideochat.ro/

    Romanian Models are very enthusiastic, they respect the adult webcam industry since they can generate good incomes by working on adult webcam sites or running studios, working as affiliates. Romanian studios and standalone Models working from home do their best to provide quality service. They usually have a broadband internet connection with flawless, crystal clear and great HD camera feeds and they have a spectacular, eye-catching room design as well. Comparing Romanian Models to other Models whose mother language is not English, their English knowledge is above the average, they mostly do not use transaltors but write on their own. In Romania the films are not dubbed which means that they watch all films on their original English language with Romanian subtitles. So they grow up listening to English all the time and when they become adult they usually have a good English knowledge already.

    Romanian Webcam Girls are usually nice with the Customers and they do their best to provide quality Private shows so they are definitely among the best webcam models. There are so many hot Romanian Webcam Girls online, they surely will not make you disappointed.